Aver Iruvarum’ is the tale of a strange friendship between Jennifer and Anupama, girls with unique personalities. Jennifer had an orphan’s life as her parents separated when she was too young. She was brought up in a boarding school and that may be the reason why there were certain special characteristics in her behavior. It is then she befriends Anupama who is a well mannered girl. Jennifer is too much attached to Anupama that she cannot even live without her. Anupama understands the limitations of her friend and loves her too. Once Anupama met with an accident. She falls in love with Sanjay who saved her from the accident. Jennifer cannot accept the fact that the love that she gets from Anupama is now being shared with another person. The incidents that follow complete the plot of ‘Aver Iruvarum’. Basil, Shalini, and Sukanya do the roles of Sanjay, Jennifer, and Anupama respectively. ‘Aver Iruvarum’ is directed by debutante Majeed Abu and produced under the banner of Planet Entertainment.

Avar Iruvarum Malayalam movie, Avar Iruvarum Moivie stills, Avar ...Director :
Majeed Abu
Producer :
Tarish PS
Music Director :
Binoop Nair

Stars and Cast


Release Date
29 Nov 2015


Full Movie Coming Soon….

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